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                EnglishEspa?ol Search Product

                The HELI2 LED: High-brightness, Energy-efficient, Low-current Illumination

                Gain Up to 30% in Cost Savings with High-brightness, Energy Efficient LEDs
                New to the Kingbright LED product line, the HELI2 series is engineered to meet the low current and low forward voltage (VF) requirements typically associated with battery operated devices and mobile electronics, while still maintaining a high luminosity output.

                When compared to LED product packages with similar performances, the HELI2 boasts a luminous output up to ~3,000mcd with 2mA while delivering cost savings of up to 30%. With this rare combination of high-brightness, energy efficiency and low cost advantages, the HELI2 becomes an ideal fit for any number of high-volume, cost sensitive product applications - including:

                • Battery Operated Devices
                • Mobile Electronics
                • Wearable Products
                • Outdoor Electronics

                Is the HELI2 right for your application? Visit the HELI2 Products Page for more information.

                HELI2 LED Product Features
                The "HELI2" series is available and packaged in various industry standard SMD and Through-Hole packages. This feature versatility creates the flexibility to meet the rigorous standards of any number of consumer electronics, healthcare, mobility, and small home appliances applications.

                SMD LED Features

                • Significant luminous intensity at low current
                • Wide viewing angles
                • Sorted at 2mA with low VF
                • Common applications include backlighting, edge lighting, and status lighting
                • Top Emitting & Right Angle packages available
                • ROHS compliant

                Through-Hole LED Features

                • Reliable and rugged with long life - solid state reliability
                • High output with low current
                • Sorted at 2mA with low VF
                • Common applications include battery operated devices and general status indication
                • Automation friendly tape & reel packages available
                • ROHS compliant