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                EnglishEspa?ol Search Product

                Kingbright releases low profile Miniature PLCC-2 0603 SMD LED

                Los Angeles, CA – Kingbright introduces an extremely low profile mini PLCC-2 SMD led in the industry standard 0603 (1.6mm x 0.8mm) footprint. Kingbright AA1608 series is a compact SMD LED design with high reliability. Featuring wide viewing angle @ 120° with excellent intensity outputs, AA1608 series is available in full color spectrums. The low power consumption, automation friendly tape makes this package design effortlessly into various backlight indicator applications in all market sectors.

                Product Features
                • Compact low profile miniature PLCC-2 package
                • Industry standard 0603 footprint - 1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.55mm height
                • Outstanding high intensity output with low power consumption
                • Moisture Sensitivity level: 3
                • RoHS Compliant & Halogen free
                • Backlight
                • Status indicator
                • Home automation & Smart appliances
                • Wearable & portable devices
                • Healthcare applications