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                HELI-UltraMiniature marks a new era to SMD LED collection as its size of 0.65x0.35x0.20mm allows most ultra-compact innovative designs to be free of physical restraints. Engineered with AlGalnP and InGaN chips, HELI-UltraMiniature is ready to shine with exceptional brightness. It fits perfectly into wearable, portable consumer products, and disposable healthcare applications.

                Highly compatible with automatic placement equipments, HELI-UltraMiniature can be easily utilized similarly to 0201 passive components.

                To find out what is available in HELI-UltraMiniature series, please visit the HELI-UltraMiniature page for more information.

                Product Features
                • Industry’s smallest SMD LED – 0201 footprint
                • 0.65 x 0.35 x 0.20mm (LxWxH), various colors available
                • Compatible with automatic placement equipments
                • Moisture sensitivity level: Level 2, RoHS compliant
                • Superb for mobile and wearable applications
                • Ideal for disposable medical devices
                • Ideal for portable devices with limited space