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                Chameleon RGB+IC series

                Kingbright reveals its first RGB+IC – an addressable intelligent control LED in PLCC-6 package

                Los Angeles, CA – Kingbright introduces RGB+IC series that integrates the control circuit and RGB chip in a 5050 package for complete control of pixel points. The data protocol uses unipolar NRZ communication code that enables a simple circuit, small size and convenient installation.

                The control circuit and the LED shares the same power source with built-in electric reset and power lost reset circuit. Our RGB+IC SMD LED can achieve 256- level grayscale with each color being controlled individually. Kingbright RGB+IC is ideal for decorative and entertainment lighting applications, full color soft light strip, commercial and residential architectural lighting, signage application and etc. Kingbright RGB+IC PLCC 6 package accomplishes a higher moisture sensitivity level rating at MSL 3 to provide more durability and flexibility to customer’s design and production.

                To learn more about Kingbright RGB+IC LEDs selections, please visit Chameleon RGB+IC page for more information.

                Product Features
                • The control and the LED share the same power source
                • Intelligent protection against reverse connection
                • Built-in electric reset and power lost reset circuit
                • 256-level grayscale adjustable circuit
                • Built-in signal reshaping circuit
                • Cascade port transmission signal by single line
                • Moisture sensitivity level: 3
                • RoHS compliant

                • Decorative and entertainment lighting
                • Full-Color module, full color soft lights a lamp strip
                • Commercial and residential architectural lighting
                • Signage applications