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                EnglishEspa駉l Search Product

                Product Showcase

                V LED

                V LEDs ?Vivid Pastel Illumination

                Utilizing the latest InGaN material technology to obtain a unique color spectrum selection of Sapphire Blue, Ice Blue, Blue Lagoon, Pink, and Purple shades in both SMD and Thru-Hole (3mm & 5mm) packages..


                "HELI-UM Ultra Miniature" series

                The industry's smallest SMD LED in size 0201 (0603 Metric) allows most compact innovative designs to be free of physical restraints.

                HELI-R LED

                HELI-R series - 1206 & PLCC-2 Reverse Mount SMDs

                HELI-R SMD LED available in top emitting industry standard packages that feature high luminosity output while maintaining energy efficient requirements all engineered with reverse mount technology...

                About Kingbright抯 LED products and components

                Kingbright LED products provide solutions to companies worldwide driving enhanced connectivity and visualization. Offering the most comprehensive product lines in both visible and invisible spectrums, Kingbright has been setting the standard in LED expertise for over 40 years. Pairing technological innovation with product reliability, our investments in research and development focus on highly efficient technologies while ensuring quality excellence across our product portfolio. With sales offices around the world, including the US, Europe, and Asia, Kingbright delivers a global presence, despite this international reach, it is our commitment to manufacture reliable products and provide attentive service to all customers.